Education is a passion and a priority for Byron. An active member in his son’s education and parent organizations, he saw first-hand the effects of budget cuts on students and teachers. In fact, Pennsylvania funds less than 36% for local school districts – ranking PA at 46th in the percentage of state funding in 2016. Byron believes that we need to continue to increase state funding for K-12 basic education because investing in education grows our economy by producing children who become productive members of society.

Jobs & Opportunities

Every worker deserves fair wages and the right to organize. A lifelong union supporter, Byron believes that economic inequality is at its lowest when union membership is at its highest and will defeat any anti-union legislation such as Right to Work, Paycheck Protection, ending project labor agreements, and denying workers a prevailing wage. He knows that rebuilding a vibrant middle class starts with robust labor unions that can revitalize Main Streets and rebuild crumbling infrastructure.


As the son of a school nurse, Byron advocates for both nurses and patients with safe staffing laws and Medicaid expansion. By supporting House Bill 867, Byron will continue fighting to establish safe patient limits and staffing transparency in nursing homes. This will alleviate the overburdened nurses and ensure that patients and families can make informed choices about their health.

Equality for All

Everyone deserves the right to equal protection under the law. Byron will unequivocally advocate for everyone regardless of race, gender identification, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. Additionally, domestic violence, workplace harassment, and all forms of intimidation must be swiftly and forcefully countered. This sentiment extends to hiring practices and supporting equal pay for equal work. Byron won’t accept the gratuitous misinformation campaign denying the existence of the gender pay gap. We have an obligation to level the playing field because we are all in this together.


It is common-sense that we must alleviate the property tax burdens on our constituents. By increasing the percentage of state funding to local school districts we can reduce the high property taxes that are hurting our seniors and discouraging young people from homeownership.

Criminal Justice Reform

We are incarcerating people as a punishment for breaking the law, but we are not doing enough to prevent these individuals from ending up back in prison.  We need to concentrate on rehabilitation, especially for non-violent crimes, as a way to stop the revolving door.  Educational, vocational, and drug rehabilitation programs decrease the likelihood that an individual will re-offend.  These programs also allow individuals convicted of a crime, who have served their sentences, to become productive members of society, putting back into the system rather than taking out.


Voters should choose their representatives. Not the other way around. Byron will continue to push back on gerrymandering which disenfranchises honest, hard-working Pennsylvanians.

Common Sense Solutions

Byron Timmins is running because he believes that politicians should be representing and working for the people – not for themselves. As an elected Representative of District 46 he will continue working for the people by:

-Supporting  “No Budget, No Pay” legislation ensuring that if elected officials aren’t doing their job, they shouldn’t get paid.

-Require lawmakers to submit receipts for their expenditures because Pennsylvania families work far too hard to watch their tax dollars line the pockets of politicians.