Bringing Opportunity Back to Western Pennsylvania

Like many people in the district, Byron believes that the leadership in Western PA isn’t addressing the real problems facing working families today. By knocking on over 12,000 doors, talking to neighbors, he realized that the voices of his district weren’t being heard. That’s why he’s running for Representative of the 46th District as the common-sense voice that ends political games and puts constituents first.

Byron’s Background

Byron Timmins grew up in Columbus, Ohio to an attorney father and school nurse mother who taught him the value of respect and fairness. When budget cuts threatened his mother’s job, it was the local union that stood up for her and helped save not only her job but ensured that the kids at school would have access to a health professional. Since then, Byron has been a lifelong union supporter.

Determined to make a difference in the lives of others, Byron worked his way through Miami University (Ohio) and was recruited into the buying program at Kaufmann’s Department Stores. Kaufmann’s was a pillar of the community, until September 11th when the economy took a downturn. Closing their Pittsburgh buying office, Byron and over 1200 other locals lost their jobs. After that, Byron worked at Nautica Enterprises, Inc., rising the ranks to Senior Manager of the Retail Coordinator Program for the USA and CA, until another downsizing campaign cut Byron’s position. He now works as a merchandiser at Acosta.

Byron knows what it feels like to be unemployed; the stress, and the uncertainty, of not knowing how you’ll pay your bills. The region has experienced economic insecurity following the downsizing of several prominent companies including US Airways and U.S. Steel. Byron has seen how people in the region feel forgotten and devalued by our political system. He can talk across political divides and across rural/urban divides.

Leader, community activist, and longtime Cecil Township resident, Byron is a devoted husband and father. Passionate about the community and education, Byron volunteers as the Dek Hockey Coach in South Fayette and was an assistant coach in the Canon Mac Youth Baseball Association. He served as Treasurer of the Muse Elementary Parent Faculty Association and as the Recording Secretary of the Canon-Mcmillan Parent Council.

Byron is running because he knows that we can do better. We must do better. And with your help, we will do better.


“I’m proud to endorse Byron Timmins for Pennsylvania House. We need more common-sense leaders like Byron fighting in Harrisburg and he will be a great advocate for the people of the 46th.”

– Senator Pam Iovino